Bimba’s AIROS family of air preparation

Bimba’s AIROS family of air preparation

November 26, 2019

Bimba Manufacturing

Bimba’s AIROS family of air preparation products expands their air preparation catalog by adding a new Premium series (PG) to the existing MG series of filters, regulators, lubricators, and accessories.

The PG series of compressed air filters, regulators, lubricators, and accessories offers:

  • Micro-fog lubricator options – Micro-fog lubricators create a very fine mist of oil, which can travel longer, more complex circuit paths than traditional lubricants
  • Vapor removal filter options – Vapor removal filters remove hydrocarbon odors from the air, providing filtration for ultra-sensitive applications
  • Enhanced safety features – All bowls utilize dual locks to ensure the bowl is in the correct position every time. Bayonet pressure locks make it nearly impossible to remove a bowl under pressure
  • Easier maintenance – Filters employ a single complete element assembly that can be easily removed for replacement
  • Compact footprint – The PG series is designed to fit in compact spaces while ensuring easy removal of components in that tight space, enabling for a more compact overall machine design
  • Configurability – Modular design allows for standalone or combined units to adapt to any pneumatic application’s needs. Additionally, the metal bowl option with corrosion-resistant interior paints offer improved visibility and durability
  • Available Safety Valve with Soft Start Capability – The PG series is also compatible with the newly offered Herion line of safety valves with soft start functionality – allowing for smoother, gentler initialization of equipment. This provides additional safety benefits as well as prevents damage that can be caused by abrupt air energization