Stratasys’ work order management software for 3D printing shops

Stratasys’ work order management software for 3D printing shops

November 21, 2019


Stratasys introduced a new work order management software solution for shops that provide centralized 3D printing services. GrabCAD Shop is designed to streamline work order management processes by substantially improving the way engineers, designers, and shop operators collaborate on 3D printing orders.

Enterprise 3D printing shops – within larger design firms, manufacturing enterprises or educational institutions – typically lack effective purpose-built solutions to manage shop work orders. Instead, many rely on email, spreadsheets, whiteboards and paper because simple and affordable software designed specifically for 3D printing has been lacking in the market. However, as 3D printing’s usage continues to grow by double digits every year, the efficiency penalty of this approach is becoming a significant business issue.

According to Stratasys’ analysis, approximately 15% of work hours in a typical 3D print shop are wasted tracking down work order requirements and manually communicating status updates to engineers, designers and operators. GrabCAD Shop streamlines this process. Requiring no IT implementation support, the cloud-based software organizes print work requests, CAD files, and project specs all in one space. As jobs progress, shop operators and engineers receive status updates on the platform and via email. GrabCAD Shop comes pre-populated with Stratasys printers and materials so that any Stratasys customer can achieve immediate value. It also provides the ability to add third party printers and traditional fabrication technology systems.

Stratasys added significant software development capability through its acquisition of GrabCAD in 2014, and the development of Stratasys’ GrabCAD Print software, which makes it easy to print native CAD files on any Stratasys printer, is now used by over 20,000 people. GrabCAD Shop is the next evolution of Stratasys’ continued software investment to improve the 3D printing workflow and part quality.

The GrabCAD Shop public beta is now available at no charge and is expected to be commercially available globally in Q1 2020.