Star CNC's Swiss-type automatic lathe

Star CNC's Swiss-type automatic lathe

January 2, 2020

Star CNC Machine Tool Corp.

The SR-38J model CNC Swiss-type Automatic Lathe is designed for the multi-processing of large-diameter work with the flexibility to meet complex machining needs.

  • Mounting various tool units will enable multiple processes such as cross-milling, front-drilling, polygon machining
  • Ease of switching between guide bush and non-guide bush modes will facilitate machining optimization when working with various materials
  • Main- and sub-spindles each use a built-in motor for high indexing accuracy
  • A rotary cylinder ensures a stable gripping force when opening/closing the main spindle collet
  • 42mm diameter material can be machined in non-guide bushing mode
  • Max. machining diameter: 38mm (42mm non-guide bush type)
  • Max. headstock stroke: 320mm
  • 5-spindle sleeve holder tool number: 5 front, 5 rear
  • Max. drilling capability: 23mm dia.
  • Rapid feed rate: 36m/min (X1, Y1, Z1, X2, Z2)
  • Main spindle speed: 7,000rpm max.
  • Main spindle motor: 7.5kW (continuous) / 11kW (10min/25%ED)
  • Power driven att. spindle speed: 6,000rpm max.
  • Power driven att. drive motor: 2.2kW (continuous) / 3.0kW (5min./30%ED)
  • Dimensions: 2,740mm x 1,315mm x 2,120mm

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