TM Robot’s artificial intelligence (AI) vision

TM Robot’s artificial intelligence (AI) vision

January 3, 2020

Techman Robots

TM Robot offers integration of traditional machine and advanced artificial intelligence (AI)vision in a single robotic system. Without the need for additional controllers, time, and money, integration time is reduced considerably. The built-in machine vision of TM Robots integrates with light, industrial cameras, and sensing elements to capture images. The deep learning technology of AI is also combined to accurately sense the shape, type, and color of an object as a means to further enhance the inspection efficiency and difficulty in automated production, improving quality inspection and accuracy in different industries. The inspection data is also used as a guide in manufacturing - a step towards digital transformation.

Factory intelligent management system
TMmanager, a factory intelligent management system launched by TM Robot, is an industrial graphic control software for intelligent management of factory processes and equipment. It’s an automatic management system that consists of real-time system monitoring and data analysis. The Arm Management System seamlessly connects to TM's collaborative arms, providing real-time monitoring of the operation of the robotic arms. Functional modules of the factory automation equipment such as Shop Floor Control System (SFC System) are also effectively managed. With intuitive, easy, and fully customized operation panels, TMmanager offers comprehensive smart manufacturing management solutions.

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