Hardinge Quest-Series turning center

Hardinge Quest-Series turning center

March 13, 2019

Hardinge Inc.


The Hardinge Quest-Series turning center machines are designed for quick changeovers to reduce setup and cycle times. QUEST-series machines include patented, interchangeable top plates to pre-tool for a particular job or range of jobs and a quick-change collet-ready spindle.QUEST-series is used on thousands of machine installations worldwide and offers enhanced automation capability and automated robotic parts handling capabilities for an outstanding value.

Some of the enhancements to this next generation machine include 4X faster index time, 172% more X-axis travel, 18% faster X-axis traverse rate, 57% faster Z-axis traverse rate, more rigidity with FANUC servo turret index motor and 30% less floor space.


  • Collet-ready main spindle
  • Patented interchangeable
  • top plate-standard
  • High-precision linear guideways, ballscrews and axis drives
  • Improved machine maintenance
  • Rigid tapping
  • Headwall coolant
  • Run time/parts counter
  • Custom macro B
  • Worklight

 Machine Options

  • Tool touch probe
  • Chip conveyor
  • Parts catcher
  • Auto door
  • Air blast
  • High pressure coolant
  • Thru-spindle coolant
  • 125 psi coolant pump
  • Barfeed interface

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