Fumevac’s FV-500-20 weld fume source capture system

Fumevac’s FV-500-20 weld fume source capture system

November 22, 2019



FumeVac’ weld fume source capture system is a highly effective, efficient, and versatile solution for dust and fume control. Unlike many other air extraction systems on the market, the FV-500-20 with Ergomax fume guns can meet the stringent ACGIH guidelines, as well as OSHA standards, for mitigating harmful welding fumes, including manganese and hexavalent chromium.

With a superior air flow rating that’s approximately 20% to 30% higher than the next best option on the market, the new FumeVac system captures fumes and dust that others can’t. Key to the system’s ability to create a safer, healthier work environment is the new ErgoMax MIG gun. Designed to perform in even the most challenging welding environments, ErgoMax MIG guns offer the highest volume throughput of any competing guns.

Compared to older fume guns that are heavy and bulky, the ErgoMax gun is lightweight because it moves more air, effectively cooling the gun and allowing for a lighter design. Its 360° ball-joint flexible design and ergonomic handle additionally help reduce operator fatigue and enhance maneuverability and adaptability to a wide array of work positions. Constructed of high-quality, durable materials, including copper alloy tips and crush- and heat-resistant vacuum hoses, the ErgoMax gun is designed for a long service life and easy maintenance.

Both models – 400A and 500A – come with low-friction liners to provide exceptional wire feeding performance that leads to consistent arc starts and weld stability. A polished nickel-plated metallic outer neck tube provides additional heat dissipation for super cool operation, and a simple, high-strength stainless steel trigger provides additional durability.

The gun works in conjunction with the FV-500-20 high-vacuum extractor to provide optimal filtration – as high as 99.97%. Multiple configurations are available, including a four-gun continuous duty unit (it was featured at FABTECH 2019). It can be adapted to handle up to eight guns of intermittent duty.

An optional system component is the all-new FumeVac welding boom which provides added reach, expanding the available workspace. Available in multiple lengths to adapt to most applications, the new boom features simple hand crank height adjustment, integral components for high vacuum delivery, and other features that make it a valuable addition to any work environment.