Carr Lane Mfg's lifting eye

Carr Lane Mfg's lifting eye

November 4, 2019

Carr Lane Mfg. Co.

Hoist Eye 360 is a forged lifting eye that can be rotated 360° after installation, to align with the pulling direction. This compact assembly features a specially designed shoulder bolt, which rotates freely in the precisely machined lifting-eye body and is held captive by a retaining ring.

Unlike conventional lifting eyes, Hoist Eye 360 can be used at full rated load capacity when pulling at any angle 0° to 90° from the bolt axis. Available with thread sizes from 3/8-16 to 1”-8, Hoist Eye 360 complies with ASME B30.26 specifications and is 200% proof load tested, with a safety factor of 5:1.

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