Air Turbine Tools’ 602 series high speed spindle

Air Turbine Tools’ 602 series high speed spindle

February 8, 2019

Air Turbine Tools

The 602 Series maintains governed constant high speeds under load – 40,000rpm to 90,000 rpm, <0.20hp (0.15kW). This compact, direct-drive spindle is engineered for high-speed micro-machining, ideal for engraving, milling, drilling, and finishing with micro tools. Two moving parts and air circulation over the bearings results in low heat and great reliability. Available for BT, CAT, DIN, HSK, and JS straight shank (3/4"/20mm). Selectable rear or side air feed.

Air Turbine Tools’ spindle motors maintain high speed while cutting with no gears, vanes, or brushes to burn up. Using dry clean, oil free, 90psi compressed air the 602 requires no lubrication and emits no oil mist. With fewer moving parts and low friction – and using ceramic bearings – the 602 is a precise and reliable favorite.

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