BTG Labs’ expanded website; Adhesion process walk
Uncovering, Controlling Non-Obvious Variables in Surface Cleanliness & Preparation Processes to Maximize Adhesion Reliability
BTG Labs

BTG Labs’ expanded website; Adhesion process walk

Analysis is the first step to controlling adhesion failure in manufacturing.


BTG Labs’ new website includes detailed information about BTG Labs’ inspection products and the suite of services that support them. BTG Labs inspection products include the handheld Surface Analysts 3001 and 2001 and the one-of-a-kind, automated inline surface inspection system, the Surface Analyst XA. These systems conduct highly sensitive surface quality inspections on products and surfaces with complex geometries to determine their cleanliness and to detect potential adhesion issues.

The BTG Labs services section of the site describes the new Free Adhesion Process Walk. This service brings BTG Labs technical experts into a company manufacturing facility to walk the production line and identify Critical Control Points on the line where surface condition has the opportunity to change, intentionally or not, and impact adhesion. This analysis is the first step to controlling adhesion failure in manufacturing.

Other expanded site features
The updated site also includes three new e-books designed to help manufacturers understand how their processes affect adhesion and how they can gain control of them: 

A comprehensive technical blog dives into specific issues manufacturers face regarding adhesion and surface cleaning in production or new product development, providing an online resource for developing surface critical processes that ensure successful adhesion.

A Science page includes videos, webinars, technical publications and case studies that elucidate the science behind surface critical processes and BTG Labs’ products. 

A user-friendly shop enables current customers to conveniently purchase consumables and accessories for their BTG Labs products.