Shortened lead time for braze alloys solutions

Shortened lead time for braze alloys solutions

Morgan Advanced Materials enhances its braze alloys service in the U.S. to support customers requiring mission critical components for medical, industrial applications.


Morgan’s Braze Alloys business manufactures braze alloys in configurations that are specific to customers’ requirements as many assemblies made using Morgan materials are designed to tight specifications, while the alloys themselves can be developed to suit requirements.

Many applications of braze alloys are used in research and development projects and information and data is needed quickly for small-run orders. To facilitate this urgency from contract braze houses, Morgan has created a dedicated resource to handle these inquiries, while reducing lead times on commonly used alloys – the FTSE 250 company.

FTSE 250 can provide precious and non-precious braze alloys, pre-sintered preforms (PSPs), and braze inhibitors like Stopyt, that prevent the unwanted flow of molten brazing filler metals.

“One of Morgan’s strongest competencies is its superior materials research and development. This is a key reason for why our braze alloys are so popular and trusted,” notes Adam Ebert, business development manager at Morgan’s Braze Alloys Business.

“We’re keen to continue delivering our knowledge and our braze alloys in as quick a timeframe as possible. This has seen us reduce our lead times on some of the most common braze alloy products, including our popular Nioro alloys, as well as gold-copper alloys and copper-silver alloys. We’re now aiming for a three-day turnaround on any product across the whole of the U.S.”

Central to the continued development of Morgan’s braze alloys offering is its Metals and Joining Center of Excellence (CoE), located in Hayward, California. The facility, launched in October 2017, is focused on delivering new material science and process solutions.