Low-profile medical implant covering

Low-profile medical implant covering

Aran Biomedical’s medical textile valve covering technology – ValvTEX – is a solution for transcatheter heart valves that require a valve skirt.

November 21, 2018
Manufacturing Group

Galway, Ireland – Officials from Aran Biomedical, a partner in design, development, and manufacture of implantable medical devices, announced the company’s new medical textile valve covering solution – ValvTEX – for mitral, aortic, and tricuspid heart valves.

The ValvTEX technology platform was created to reduce the delivery profile of transcatheter heart valves that require a valve skirt, whilst also offering some unique advantages. The solution involves custom low-profile fabric attached onto the valve frame without the need for sutures. Lower delivery profile is achieved by reducing the amount of fabric pleating during crimping, along with the reduction or elimination of sutures required to attach the fabric. Not only does this improve manufacturing time, but a further advantage from the attachment process is the ability to create an impermeable seal at select regions of the skirt, which can help inhibit paravalvular leakage.

“Aran Biomedical’s focused investment in medical textile & coating technologies has enabled our skilled engineers to deliver a proprietary medical textile valve covering solution to support the exciting fields of Mitral, Aortic and Tricuspid heart valve replacement,” says Aran Biomedical CEO, Peter Mulrooney.

Considering the increased interest in transcatheter product development to treat a greater range of structural heart conditions, the ValvTEX platform technology is ideally positioned to support next generation devices.

Photo courtesy of Aran Biomedical