THORS’ Lightning Learning

THORS’ Lightning Learning

THORS eLearning Solutions are directed towards those wanting to gain knowledge quickly on focused subjects.


THORS eLearning Solutions has entered the microlearning market with its latest category of courses called Lightning Learning. These courses bring focus to a single concept in a short, fast, yet comprehensive format, and are designed to be completed in under an hour. They are applicable to employees at all manufacturing organizations.

The Lightning Learning format courses currently available are: Belt Classifications: Round and Flat Belts, Belt Classifications: V Belts, Belt Classifications: Poly V Belts, 7QC Tools: Pareto Charts, 7QC Tools: Histograms, 7QC Tools: Fishbone Diagrams, 7QC Tools: Check Sheets, 7QC Tools: Stratification, Bonded Sand: Horizontally Parted Molds, Bonded Sand: Mold Patterns, and Bonded Sand: Vertically Parted Molds.

These courses can be taken online and can be purchased by contacting the sales department at