IMTS 2018 Conference: Choosing Part Optimization Strategies

IMTS 2018 Conference: Choosing Part Optimization Strategies

Discover how software can help determine optimal part manufacturing strategies


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About the topic 

To stay competitive in the global marketplace, manufacturing companies must create parts as quickly and efficiently as possible, and at more competitive costs. For machined parts, achieving the shortest cutting time is often related to feed rates, but that is only one of many factors. High-efficiency machining – choosing the optimal machining methods, while maximizing cutting tool and machine tool performance – are the real goals for modern day manufacturing. Additive Manufacturing (AM) is also now a viable manufacturing option, but where and how does it fit best? This presentation will provide an overview of how software can help determine optimal part manufacturing strategies, and automatically optimize NC program feed rates. It will also discuss strategies for optimization, with special focus on techniques best suited for different material classes, and machining processes.

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Meet your presenter 

Gene Granata has been with CGTech since 1992. After receiving his Bachelor of Science degree with an emphasis on NC Manufacturing Technology from Northern Illinois University in 1983, he worked for aerospace companies such as Northrop Aircraft and McDonnell Douglas. Granata worked on T45, F20 and F18 fighter projects, as well as B2 Stealth Bomber and C17 military transport aircraft. As VERICUT Product Manager, Granata plans development of CGTech’s VERICUT software, and associated CAD/CAM/Tooling interfaces. He has also written technical documentation, designed many training courses, and provided manufacturing consulting services to hundreds of companies in virtually every industry.