Why you should attend HANNOVER MESSE 2019: Harting

Why you should attend HANNOVER MESSE 2019: Harting

Harting Technology Group will highlight their latest standards and solutions for intelligent infrastructure at the industrial automation trade show.


Hannover, Germany – At the HANNOVER MESSE 2019 show, taking place April 1-5, Harting will showcase various solutions and standards for intelligent infrastructure in the field. Some of these products will include the RJ Industrial Multi Feature series, the M12 PushPull , and Han 1A connectors.  

To uncover why HANNOVER MESSE 2019 is a must attend event for companies and visitors, we sat down with Harting Manager of Media and Public Relations, Michael Klose.  

GIE Manufacturing Group: Why attend HANNOVER MESSE 2019?

Michael Klose: HANNOVER MESSE is the world's leading industrial trade fair. Here you can see where the development of digitization and Industrie 4.0 is headed. In addition, one meets customers and partners, sees also what innovations the competitors have developed. Since the beginning of HANNOVER MESSE 1947, Harting Technology Group has attended and presented its products and solutions. 

GIE MFG: What can people learn about the future of manufacturing technology? 

MK: The Harting Technology Group will once again present a wide range of new products and smart solutions at this year's HANNOVER MESSE Hall 11 / Stand C15). Harting will be emphasising this year's motto for the HANNOVER MESSE: "Integrated Industry – Industrial Intelligence". This means combining human and artificial intelligence to create industrial intelligence that adds value for customers. Customer can learn how Harting products are smart, clever, and easy to handle – and how these users can improve their production with these products. 

GIEMFG: What does your company hope to accomplish at HANNOVER MESSE 2019? 

Mk: We want to convince the customers of our solutions and products. Standard is the main keyword for all the highlights at HANNOVER MESSE. Although proprietary solutions can be just as good, they usually remain an isolated solution in the long term. Investment security, a recognized form factor for the device and familiar operation are positives for everyone along the value chain. Therefore, Harting pushes standardization! Standardized mating faces, easy assembly and simple operation in the field benefit everybody. Standardization helps the CEO of a company, the constructor and, the user. Everyone feels like their plans are more secure.  

GIEMFG: How can I arrange a meeting with your company at HANNOVER MESSE 2019? 

MK: Visitors if HANNOVER MESSE can contact Harting by writing an e-mail

to de@HARTING.com weeks before the fair.

A meeting with a qualified product manager can then be arranged during HANNOVER MESSE.