Tornos invites medtech manufacturers, EMO's running a 5k, Dragonfly BionicOpter World Record
It’s official: BionicOpter is the biggest flying robotic insect; Festo in Guinness World Records 2020

Tornos invites medtech manufacturers, EMO's running a 5k, Dragonfly BionicOpter World Record

Tornos hosts MedTech Demo Day; MFG DAY and scholarships; 2020 Guinness Book of World Records lists the BionicOpter


I’m not a runner; I’m a very fast walker. Ask my husband, coworkers, etc…it’s tough to walk with me but running hurts my knees and I don’t want to write about my own knee replacement anytime soon! But I will be, along with 47 GIE Media coworkers and 10,952 other Akron Marathon, Half Marathon, and Marathon Relay participants – I’m participating the 5-person marathon relay under team name: Hope we Survive. It’s a wonderful, healthy way to start a beautiful weekend morning in Akron, Ohio, and great that half of our company is participating. Thank you GIE Media!

EMO Akron Marathon Relay 2019
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As I was headed off to pick up my race bib and swag, I learned a medical education event Tornos is offering in early October, CNC Machines is once again offering its Annual Skills-Gap Scholarship for students enrolled in manufacturing-related programs, and BionicOpter – Festo’s bionic dragonfly – as the world’s largest robotic flying insect – is listed in the 2020 Guinness Book of World Records.

Wait, my bib features our relay team number but also identifies us and appropriately so I'm EMO - right after EMO Hannover 2019 wrapped up on Sat. Sept. 21, EMO will continue in Akron, Ohio.

What are you doing for MFG DAY Oct. 4, 2019? Let us know how you are engaging the future generation to join the always expanding medical device and equipment manufacturing.


Tornos’ MedTech Demo Day is fast-approaching

Taking place Oct. 10, 2019 from 9am – 4pm, Tornos’ MedTech Demo Day will offer a full-day of education, live demos, application analysis, with a free catered lunch included.

Taking place at company’s new facility, which opened earlier this year alongside celebrations of its 60th year in the U.S., Daniel Maerklin, Tornos’ U.S. president, welcomes those currently involved in medtech or those interested in learning how to move into medtech manufacturing – from application to quality certifications.

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Bring prints and parts for evaluation, view live demos of orthopedic parts, and gain in-depth tools and application knowledge.

During the day-long event, view live manufacturing demos of medical parts:

  • SwissNano (4mm) – Dental screw
  • Swiss GT 32 – Bone screw
  • MultiSwiss 6x16 – Orthopedic locknut

Registration is open and more details can be found here.


Festo’s BionicOpter - Biggest flying robotic insect

The BionicOpter, an ultra-light flying object based on the dragonfly, is named in the “Robots” chapter of the most amazing records from the world of super robots and artificial intelligence as the world record winner for biggest flying robotic insect.

“It is fascinating what we can learn from nature. Curiosity and joy in innovation drive us to keep trying new things. We are very pleased to be included in Guinness World Records – it’s a great validation,” says Karoline von Häfen, Head of Festo Corporate Bionic Projects.

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The BionicOpter is an ultralight flying object. Just like its model in nature, the BionicOpter can fly in all directions and execute the most complicated flight maneuvers. The BionicOpter’s ability to move each of its wings independently enables it to slow down and turn abruptly, to accelerate swiftly and even to fly backwards. This means that for the first time there is a model that can master all the flight conditions of a helicopter, plane and even a glider. Despite its complexity, the highly integrated system can be operated easily and intuitively via a smartphone.

The principles of ultra-lightweight construction are applied throughout the flying object. With a wingspan of 24.8" (63cm) and a body length of 17.3" (44cm), the model dragonfly weighs just 6.2oz (175g). The wings consist of a carbon-fiber frame and a thin foil covering. The intelligent kinematics correct any vibrations during flight and ensure flight stability. In order to stabilize the flying object, data on the position and the twisting of the wings is continuously recorded and evaluated in real time during the flight of the dragonfly.


CNC Machines Skills-Gap Scholarship accepting applications

Recently named to Inc. 5000’s list of 2019’s fastest growing American companies, CNC Machines introduced the CNC Machines Manufacturing Scholarship program in 2018 and it’s open for 2019.

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After awarding its first round of scholarships this year’s scholarship has increased $2,500.

“As American manufacturing continues its resurgence, the focus now needs to turn to aggressively addressing the looming and potentially devastating skills gap. CNC Machines is committed to doing its part and this scholarship, along with other programs we offer, is our way of stepping up to the plate to help the industry grow,” says Curt Doherty, CEO.

Application details and submission requirements – for the Jan. 17, 2020 deadline – are available here. The winner will be announced on Feb. 3, 2020.

Until next time... and here starts my 5k journey (or marathon relay team journey).