Factory of the Future, automation technologies
Bosch Rexroth offers an entire portfolio of Factory of the Future products.
Bosch Rexroth

Factory of the Future, automation technologies

Bosch Rexroth’s multi-technology exhibit presents technologies, components that enable customization, increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).


Located at the Bosch Rexroth Automation & Electrification business unit in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, outside of Chicago, the company’s Factory of the Future Experience is a multi-technology exhibit featuring intelligent, distributed drive and control components, connectivity modules, compact and versatile linear products, innovative chain conveyors, and a wide selection of structural framing – all of which make it possible to expand machines and systems as necessary in a modular fashion.

When touring the Factory of the Future Experience, experience new technology and hear about key topics – from open standards, to distributed intelligence, smart automation, and connecting to the Internet of Things (IoT) – learning what is required to implement a factory of the future. In addition, Rexroth‘s automation experts address challenges and consult on how to achieve productivity gains, production transparency, and maximum flexibility.

Highlights from the Bosch Rexroth Factory of the Future Experience include:

i4.0 Cube – Four-sided, interactive touchscreen showcasing Rexroth’s Connected Automation Solutions such as the IoT Gateway; touch icons on the i4.0 Cube to explore a variety of i4.0 topics

Connectivity modules – Allow end users to communicate with equipment, production lines and manufacturing facilities; data collection with Sense Connect Detect (SCD) easy to integrate generation of sensors; how data from a certain number of SCD sensors can be collected, analyzed, managed in the cloud

IoT Gateway – Connects legacy production equipment to the IoT without intervening in the automation logic; collects sensor, process data, transmits to MES, cloud applications, local production monitoring systems

Mechatronics@Work – Demo collects, displays machine, production data to produce a customized package, showing what’s achievable with a packaging machine of the future

IndraDrive Mi – Shrinks the machine footprint with reduced components generating savings with up to 90% less wiring; reduced cabinet size, energy consumption

SafeMotion, SafeLogic – Ensure safe operations, unlock automation efficiencies

IndraControl XM – Easy to commission; features high-performance real-time data

OpenCore Engineering – Builds bridge to the world of IT, enables new levels of engineering flexibility for machine design; open standards, pre-programmed software, machine monitoring, Open Core Interface technology, Open Core Engineering connects machine control automation with IT technology

ActiveCockpit – Interactive data visualization, process communications supports employees, management in real time

“In the factory of the future connectivity is key,” says Heiko Schwindt, Bosch Rexroth vice president of automation and electrification. “Everything is connected, from field level to cloud-based solutions. Sophisticated software solutions collect, transfer and process manufacturing data to provide maximum production transparency. With our Factory of the Future Experience, Bosch Rexroth is demonstrating to end-user businesses and their machine builders how they can make the Factory of the Future a reality of the present – where mobile and connected production equipment reconfigure themselves independently and flexibly to fast-changing requirements.

“Imagine a factory where you can change everything directly from the floor, roof and walls within a few days or even hours. Increasingly short production life cycles, smaller batch sizes and individual product design and forms mark the requirements for future production, which have full flexibility, and are individual and scalable. This is the Factory of the Future.”

Those interested in the Bosch Rexroth Factory of the Future Experience can visit www.boschrexroth-us.com/requesttour to schedule a tour.