Exact Metrology’s GOM CT Challenge
Exact Metrology

Exact Metrology’s GOM CT Challenge

Company’s considering a CT scanner can send in a part to be scanned to validate GOM CT’s suitability; will receive part scan images and a $30 gift card.


Exact Metrology now offers the GOM CT scanner – the highest accuracy and highest resolution of any 225kV system available. Additional features include a 3k detector (3,008 x 2,512 pixels), voxel size between 2µm to 80µm, photogrammetric calibration, 5-axis kinematics, measuring area of 240mm, H. 400mm, temperature balancing, and I/O port. The GOM CT enables the inspection of complex parts based on volumes. All surfaces (including internal structures) can be used for shape and dimension analysis.

Exact Metrology is so confident in its ability to scan parts that it has issued the GOM CT Challenge to prove this. Any company considering purchasing a CT scanner can call Exact Metrology and validate the suitability, then send a part. All parts will be scanned and the images sent along with a $30 gift card to Best Buy.

Steve Young, co-president of Exact Metrology is excited about the entries. “We hope we get as many entries as possible because we want to prove that the GOM CT scanner is the best scanner in the 225kV market.”

If you have any questions regarding the GOM CT Challenge, please call Steve Young from Exact Metrology at 513-815-4491.