Amedica agrees to sell spine business to CTL Medical

Amedica agrees to sell spine business to CTL Medical

CTL Medical will acquire all of Amedica’s commercial spine business for total consideration of up to $10 million.


Amedica Corp. officials announced the company has entered into an asset purchase agreement with CTL Medical, a Dallas, Texas-based privately held medical device manufacturer that focuses on the spine implant and instrument market, whereby CTL Medical will acquire all of Amedica’s commercial spine business for total consideration of up to $10 million. The transaction is expected to close in the third quarter of 2018, and is subject to usual and customary due diligence and closing conditions.

The agreement will make CTL Medical the exclusive owner of Amedica’s portfolio of metal and silicon nitride spine products, with access to future silicon nitride spine technologies. As part of the transaction, CTL Medical will acquire Amedica’s entire existing inventory of spine products, including US and OUS regulatory clearances and intellectual property related to such. Amedica’s products, which are presently sold under the brand names of Taurus, Preference, and Valeo will be transferred to CTL Medical, while manufacturing, R&D, and all intellectual property related to the core biomaterial technology of silicon nitride will remain with Amedica in Salt Lake City. Amedica will serve as CTL’s exclusive OEM provider of silicon nitride products.

Following the purchase, CTL Medical will change its name to CTL Amedica. Amedica will re-position under a new name that is reflective of the breadth of its technology and potential applications.

“The transaction makes strategic sense, by monetizing our commercial spine sales organization and allowing Amedica to focus on its core biomaterials and OEM business,” says Dr. Sonny Bal, chairman of the Board of Directors of Amedica. “Combining the mutually complementary products, customers, and sales regions of the two companies will offer significant accretive value to our shareholders. The addition of a highly-differentiated silicon nitride and metal product line to CTL Medical’s complete offering of spine surgery implants and instruments will benefit both companies, as well as our surgeon customers. Amedica’s products and scientific data have established that silicon nitride resists bacteria, promotes bone healing, and has superior clinical outcomes. CTL Medical is best positioned to profitably leverage these advantages in the retail spine market.

“Going forward, Amedica will actively support spine sales by CTL Medical, specifically through surgeon education, peer-forums, publications, and research related to silicon nitride. Divesting the sales organization will drive down costs, while allowing Amedica to focus on additional OEM revenue opportunities outside of spine, such as in the dental and arthroplasty markets. As additional downstream opportunities with CTL Medical become apparent in the future, they will be explored as well.”

“CTL Medical is a fast-growing, profitable company, with a complete line of FDA 510k cleared, market-tested spine products, in-house manufacturing facilities and an experienced sales team. Adding the credibility of Amedica’s products and technology, to which over 70 peer-reviewed publications already attest, to our product portfolio will generate new opportunities both in the U.S. and overseas,” says Daniel Chon, president and CEO of CTL Medical. “Our team was deeply impressed at how far Amedica has taken its technology, in terms of breadth of application, as well as the quality, discipline, and depth of Amedica’s scientific inquiry. Onward, our goal is to apply the attributes of silicon nitride across our entire product line. CTL Medical will be the only company worldwide to offer such technology, further strengthening our position as an industry leader.”

Amedica is an innovative biomaterials and OEM company that develops and commercializes silicon nitride for various biomedical applications including orthopedic, dental and arthroplasty. CTL Medical is a forward-thinking medical device design, development and manufacturing company that produces a full line of cervical, thoracic, and lumbar products at its manufacturing headquarters in Dallas, Texas.